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Everyone in your team can learn fastn in a day!
fastn's user-friendly interface and minimal syntax make it accessible even to those with no prior programming experience.
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-- import: fastn-community.github.io/bling/chat

-- chat.message-left: Hello World! 😀

-- chat.message-left: I'm Nandhini, a freelance 
content writer.

-- chat.message-left: Fun fact: I built this 
entire page with fastn! 🚀 It's that easy!
From skeptic to web developer in an afternoon!
I was very skeptical about learning to write any syntax; I had never done any coding before. But I decided to give it a shot and went through the videos. It’s actually surprisingly simple; it doesn't feel like coding at all. It's just like writing text in a text file, and you end up with a beautifully designed website. Definitely the most productive and result-oriented activity I've ever undertaken in a single afternoon.
Nandini Devi
Content Writer
Have built their first fastn-powered website within 2 hours of discovering fastn.
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Build your first fastn-powered website in just 2 hours.
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Learn full-stack web development using fastn in a week
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Anyone in your team can contribute to or modify the website
Updating content with fastn is as easy as changing a few lines of code. This means anyone can contribute, reducing your dependency on developers.
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Instant theme, color & typography changes
Modify content effortlessly
Adding new components is easy
After evaluating web development frameworks & online website builders, startups prefer fastn for building their website.
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Rich Library
fastn offers a rich library of ready-made components, color schemes, and website templates. This means, you don’t have to start from scratch, instead, browse the dozens of professionally created templates, customize layout, style, and graphics, and deploy instantly.
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The Uniform Design System allows components created by different teams to be usable by each other.
Every component supports responsive design, dark mode, & themability.
1000+ developers are building fastn components.
Choose from the numerous color schemes created by 100s of designers.
Winter CS
Saturated Sunset CS
Your team can collaborate & deploy on your preferred infrastructure
fastn seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows. You can use the text editor you love and are comfortable with. Use GitHub, Dropbox, iCloud, or any other platform you prefer. You maintain full control over your content, infrastructure, and tools.
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fastn offers deployment for static sites using deploy.yml from fastn-template on platforms like GitHub and Vercel.
The .build folder generated by the fastn build command simplifies publishing on any static server.
fastn also supports dynamic sites with deployment options across Linux, Windows, & Mac, providing flexibility in hosting.
What makes fastn better than react
Why waste your developers' time on building landing pages? With fastn, anyone in your team can build a www.foo.com, leaving your development bandwidth available for app.foo.com.
Learning Curve
React is complex for non-programmers, while fastn is accessible to everyone, even those with no coding experience.
CMS Integration
React needs CMS integration, adding complexity. With fastn, you can manage content with ease without a CMS.
Integrated Design System
Unlike React, in fastn components developed by one team can seamlessly integrate into the projects of another.
What makes fastn better than Webflow
Tired of being locked into a theme in Webflow? Try fastn for easy editing, better customization and full control.
Design-Content Separation
In Webflow, once you choose a theme and add content, altering the overall design is difficult. In fastn, you can change content without design disruptions.
Run On Your Infrastructure
fastn is an open-source solution, offering the flexibility to run and deploy websites according to your preferences, on your own infrastructure.
Local Editing
You can download your website locally, edit it on your preferred platform, and collaborate using familiar tools like GitHub, iCloud, or others that suit your workflow.
Loved by 1000+ creators
Testimonials from members of the fastn community.
Rutuja Kapate
Web Developer
As a web developer, I've found fastn to be a game-changer. Its a user-friendly language makes building beautiful websites a breeze. With ready-made UI components and easy deployment options, fastn streamlines web development. Highly recommend!
Swapnendu Banerjee
Co-founder & PR Lead at NoobCode
Learning and working with fastn is really fun because here we get frontend and backend under the umbrella and the syntax is really very much user friendly. I am learning and enjoying fastn.
Jahanvi Raycha
Software Developer
fastn made web development a breeze for me. I launched my portfolio website on GitHub Pages within 30 minutes, thanks to its intuitive language and the ever-helpful community on Discord. It's my go-to framework for a seamless coding experience.
Govindaraman S
Front End Developer, Trizwit Labs
fastn web framework, tailored for someone with a design background and zero coding experience like me, has revolutionized website creation. Building websites is a walk in the park, and what's truly impressive is how easily I can modify the colors and content in a matter of minutes.
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