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`fastn` Code Best Practices

The FifthTry team follows standard coding `best practices`. These `best practices` are imporant for several reasons: - **Readability**: Standard `best practices` help to ensure that `code is consistent` and `easy to read`. This can make it `easier for other developers to understand and modify the code`. - **Maintainability**: Consistent coding practices can make it `easier to maintain and update code over time`. When everyone on a team follows the same `best practices`, it becomes `easier to collaborate` and ensure that changes are made in a consistent manner. - **Efficiency**: These `best practices` can help to `reduce the amount of time it takes to write and debug code`. When developers know exactly how to format code and where to put certain elements, they can write code more quickly and with fewer errors. - **Portability**: Following standard `best practices` can make it `easier to port code from one platform to another`. When code is written in a consistent manner, it is more likely to work across different operating systems and environments. - **Compliance**: Standard coding `best practices` can help ensure that code complies with industry standards and best practices. This can be important for security, performance, and other critical concerns.