The Book Of fastn and ftd

By Amit Upadhyay, with contributions from fastn community.

This version of the text assumes you are using the lastest version of fastn. See the installation section to install or update fastn.

The online version of the book is available at You can get the book offline by cloning and, running fastn serve and visiting

While reading this book you will invariably come across questions, things may not work as mentioned, or something may not be clearly explained. We have a Discord channel: Web Developers -> #book-club for people who are reading this book, so feel free to jump over to Discord and come say hello!

The book is not yet complete, and translations of the book are also planned. Your contribution is most welcome to help us write and translate it. Please reach us out on fastn Contributors -> #book-and-docs channel of fastn-stack server on Discord. If you find any mistakes in the book you can report it as a #issues in our Github Repository.

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