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Champion Program

fastn Champion Program

At fastn, we're keen on nurturing the next generation of champion developers. The fastn Champion Program aims to engage enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about embarking on this journey. If you're someone who wants to grasp the essence of fastn at its core, then this program is for you.

What Makes a fastn Champion?

A fastn Champion is someone who helps unlock the true potential of the fastn platform.

They go the extra mile, demonstrating proficiency and skill. They delve deeper into technical documentation, explore all collections, adhere to best practices, and gain the deepest understanding of all things fastn.

  • Beacons of Knowledge: They're veritable experts whom anyone can turn to for information.

  • Power Collaborators: They possess the ability to offer meaningful advice and timely assistance to others.

  • Intrepid Explorers: They are developers who push boundaries and contribute to improving fastn.

Why Become a fastn Champion?

Champions are built different. Champions stand out from the crowd.

For all the time and effort you invest, fastn commits to helping you gain a valuable advantage in building your career and network. fastn supports Champions in various ways. Some benefits include:

  • Badges & Roles: Champions are awarded a unique role within our Discord server. They also gain access to a select channel on Discord, where they can connect with other Champions. This group has access to exclusive fastn projects and giveaways!

  • Shout-out & Endorsement: Your work and profile are put on a pedestal! All Champions receive a special shout-out on our website, and their contributions are promoted across our platforms.

  • Certifications: Your skills and efforts will get validated & certified. You will receive official fastn certificates and accreditation to bolster your achievements. This includes an official NSDC-recognised certification in collaboration with LetsUpgrade.

  • fastn Champion NFT: You will unlock a special fastn NFT, tailor-made for Champions. This super-cool NFT will provide you access to select fastn reward bundles and giveaways.

  • Advanced Training Programs: You are clearly at the head of the pack, which means you get a ringside view to all things under development at fastn. You'll be fast-tracked through customized special skills training to prepare you and give you that extra edge as a developer.

  • LinkedIn Recommendation: Every Champion who completes the course receives a personal recommendation on their LinkedIn profile from the fastn CEO himself. fastn is deeply committed to enabling the individual career growth of each and every Champion.

  • Career Opportunities: Champions who demonstrate exceptional commitment and results will be promoted by fastn to our Clients and Partner network as potential fastn-certified hires. Upon successful selection, Champions will have the opportunity to work full-time, part-time, or as a consultant across active projects.

How to Become a fastn Champion?

To become a Champion, all we ask of you is to invest some time and effort. After all, a Champion emerges by overcoming a series of challenges and obstacles. We're simply asking the same of you.

Spend time exploring the fastn website and the fastn Discord Channel. Learn and develop essential fastn skills.

You can find nearly all the necessary documentation on our website. Start with the basics. If it helps, go through our video courses. You should also familiarize yourself with some of the fastn Best Practices.

Deepen your understanding of various aspects of fastn through these resources. This will help you develop practical skills and knowledge to build various solutions for different scenarios and domains.

Once you feel you have a good understanding, face the following challenges head-on!

You have a three-week window to complete all 10 challenges listed below. The challenges will become progressively complex as you proceed. These 10 challenges will test your ability to understand fastn basics, and teaches you how to use developer documentation to solve the challenges.

Complete the challenges at your own pace within the timeframe. You'll continue to have access to all resources and the fastncommunity at all times. Don't hesitate to seek help and reach out.

fastn Champion Challenges

Challenge 1: Create a Button
Challenge 2: Create a login page UI
Challenge 3: Create a bio-link page
Challenge 4: Create an expander UI
Challenge 5: Create a colour package
Challenge 6: Create a typography package
Challenge 7: Create a portfolio page
Challenge 8: Create a submission form page
Challenge 9: Create a blog site
Challenge 10: Create a multi-page design layout

Submit your fastn Champion Application

Now that you know what it takes to be a fastn champion, it's time to dive in!

  • Head over to the fastn Discord Server.
  • Join the future-champions channel.
  • Drop a quick hello to let us know you're interested in becoming a champion.

Our team will promptly reach out and schedule a call. This is your chance to clarify any doubts and questions. Once you kick off, our team will track your progress.

After completing all the challenges, simply fill out the fastn Champions application on this page. There, you'll be asked to provide individual GitHub/ Heroku links for each challenge you've successfully completed. You're also encouraged to document your journey through a series of blog posts. Once you've submitted your application, the fastn team will conduct a brief internal review. Following this, we will notify you of your application status.

Feel free to reach out to our team or fellow champions if you need help or assistance.

Time to get running, future-Champion!
Important Note
The fastn Champions application page will be live in the future, so keep checking back for updates.