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How to create clean URL

Generally the URL of the page is corresponding to the location of that page in the package.

This makes the URL more complex. In this video we will learn how to make it clean.

sitemap feature: document

To create the clean URL, we will learn about the document feature of Sitemap

Sitemap let's you structure your website by allowing you to organize your files in hierarchical manner ie. separate sections, subsections and TOC.

Why document?

  1. it helps to decouple the package organization and corresponding URLs. So you can keep files as you wish in the package but URL still does not depend on the path of the file.

  2. It empowers the user to give a custom URL to the page

  3. And That also helps to give a clean URL

  4. Not only this, you can include a file more than once in the sitemap with different URLs.