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Elevate Your Web Design Experience with fastn

With an opinionated design system, clear separation of content and design, and many other powerful features, fastn simplifies the web design process. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a beginner, fastn ensures a quicker, more cohesive, and user-friendly design experience. Plus, our library of [readymade components](/featured/) allows you to quickly build modern websites and user interfaces without starting from scratch. Join our [Discord Community](https://discord.com/invite/a7eBUeutWD) with over 1000 developers building fastn components for you to use.

Opinionated Design System

fastn comes with integrated design system with pre-defined styles and UI elements, enabling you to build your website quickly. Every component within the fastn ecosystem adheres to this unified [design system](/design-system/), ensuring a consistent look and feel across your entire site. You don't have to specify colour or font of every UI element. Additionally, every fastn component supports responsive design, dark mode, and themability. This fosters the creation of interchangeable components, promoting collaboration between teams. Another advantage of our design system is components designed by one team can seamlessly integrate with the work of another. You can also build custom content components for recurring information, ensuring a consistent user experience throughout your website. Learn how to [build custom components using fastn](/expander/).

Unified Color and Typography

You can manage color palettes and typography centrally to save time and ensure consistent usage across your website. We provide a range of [color scheme](https://fastn.com/featured/cs/) and [typography](https://fastn.com/featured/fonts/) packages that can be imported with just a few lines of code, transforming your website's appearance in an instant.

Color schemes

Create a fastn package defining a color scheme, then import one of the color schemes for use as-is or [customize the colors](/modify-cs/) as needed. You can also integrate [Figma tokens](/figma/) with fastn's color scheme or create your scheme from [Figma Json](/figma-to-fastn-cs/).


Define a typography fastn package and import one of the typography styles or create your own using Google Fonts and make a [fastn font package](/create-font-package/) on GitHub. Export fastn [typography to JSON](/typo-to-json/) or generate [fastn code from any typography JSON](/typo-json-to-ftd/).

Seperation of Content and Design

With fastn, you can modify content without being concerned about design repercussions. Unlike traditional website builders, where altering themes or layouts can be arduous and require meticulous adjustments, fastn simplifies the process. A single line of code lets you change themes, layouts, color schemes, and typography, ensuring design consistency with ease. This separation of design and content allows for quick adjustments while minimizing inconsistencies. Read [ACME Case study](/acme/) to best understand the potential of fastn.


- **Get Started with fastn**: We provide a [step-by-step guide](https://fastn.com/quick-build/) to help you build your first fastn-powered website. You can also [install fastn](/install/) and learn to [build UI Components](/expander/) using fastn. - **Read the docs**: Our [docs](/ftd/data-modelling/) is the go-to resource for mastering fastn. It provides valuable resources from in-depth explanations to best practices. - **Frontend with fastn**: fastn is a versatile and user-friendly solution for all your [frontend development](/frontend/) needs. - **Backend with fastn**: fastn also supports a bunch of [backend features](/backend/) that helps you create dynamic websites.