Jumpstart your Web Development with FTD
Exciting news for web developers. Trizwit Labs along with Google Developer Student Club | MACE and FifthTry are organizing a technical session on web development using ftd! 🌐💻

What is ftd?

ftd is an innovative programming language for writing prose, developed by the team at FifthTry.

ftd is designed for everyone, not just programmers. that’s designed to simplify the development process and help you build websites faster and more efficiently than ever before. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional programming languages and hello to a simplified and intuitive experience.

ftd is a part of the new full stack web development, fastn also developed at FifthTry.

Trizwit Labs

Trizwit Labs is our Gold Partner. The speaker, Govindraman S is a front-end developer fromTrizwit Labs. He will walk-through the entire process of creating a website, from ideation to deployment.

Things you are going to learn:

✅ Getting started with FTD

✅ Key features and benefits of FTD

✅ Best practices for using FTD

✅ Tips and tricks for optimizing your development process
Trizwit Labs and GDSC MACE
April 17
8:00 PM
10:00 PM (IST)
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