Features of fastn

Here are some enhanced features of fastn that makes it a good to have tool:

Supports ftd

ftd is a language to create web pages or documents for publishing on the web. fastn takes markdown, and adds features to create full page layouts, lets you create reusable “ftd components”, and has first class support for data modelling, so the ftd document can be used as an data exchange format as well (as a replacement of JSON/CSV etc).

Learn more about ftd.

fastn: Package Manager

fastn is “ftd package manager”, defines a package format for packaging ftd files. fastn packages can depend on other fastn packages, and fastn can install all the dependencies of a package.

Learn more.

fastn: Static Site Generator

fastn can also convert ftd files to static HTML files, so you can use it as a static site generator, and publish FTD files on Github Pages, Vercel, S3 etc static site hosting sites.

Learn more about fastn as static site generator.

fastn Server

fastn can function as an HTTP server, providing opportunities for dynamic features.

Learn more about fastn server.

Customizable color schemes

You can create a fastn package that defines a color scheme. In your main package, you can then import one of the color schemes and use or modify the colors as needed.

Learn more about customizable color schemes.


You can organize and navigate your pages effectively by defining your package in the form of a sitemap.

Learn more about Sitemap.

fastn for Distributing Static Assets

fastn can be used for distributing images, and fonts as packages.

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