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Publishing Static Site On github pages

Easiest way to get started with `fastn` is using the github pages to host your built assets.
You Lose Many Dynamic Features In Static Modes
`fastn` comes with a lot of dynamic features, which are only available when you are using [fastn server](/server/) for hosting.

Using the template repository

You can use our template repository [fastn-template](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn-template/) to create your own repo.

Step 1: Creating your own repo

Open the [fastn-template](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn-template/) repository in your browser and click on the `Use this template` button
Step I: Use the template repository to initialize your repository

Step 2: Activate the `Github Pages` environment on your repo

In your repository, go to `Settings > Pages` to access the `Github Pages` admin section. Choose the `gh-pages` branch in the dropdown and in the directory dropdown, choose `/(root)` and click on Save.