A fastn Glossary


The file with extension that are compiled using FASTN. Currently, there are two such extensions .md and .ftd.


The unique identifier of a document. See more document-name processors.


The document-full-id is same as the document-id. Though, in some case, it could be alias to document-id with a document-suffix added after special character /-/. In case, when document-suffix is not present, document-full-id and document-id are same.

For a document foo.ftd, the document-id is /foo/ but document-full-id could be /foo/-/x/ where /x/ is the document-suffix. Both /foo/ and /foo/-/x/ points to foo.ftd, probably with different document-metadata.

See more document-full-id processors.


The document-id is the url of the document interface returns the location from where the compiled version of document can be accessed.

For a document foo.ftd, the document-id is /foo/ See more document-id processors.


The document-metadata is the key-value pair data provided to document-full-id in the sitemap.

See more get-data processor.


The document-suffix is the special read-only property in document-full-id which is added after special character /-/.

For /foo/-/x/ as document-full-id, /x/ is document-suffix.

This can accessed using document-suffix processor.

See also sitemap.

fastn project

The unit folder that contains FASTN.ftd and any number of folders or files of any extension.


The unit of storage in fastn. It is uniquely identified by the filename.


The unique identifier of an file.


The document which can be imported in other documents. These can only be with extension .ftd.


A sitemap is a data-structure where information is provided about the files on site. A sitemap tells which pages are important in site, and placed in proper structure. See also sitemap.

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