ftd.iframe is a kernel element used to embed any other HTML document within your current document.


-- ftd.iframe:
src: <some url>


ftd.iframe accepts the below mentioned attributes as well all the common attributes .

Note: For ftd.iframe, you either need to provide src or srcdoc or youtube.

src: optional string

This attribute specifies the URL of the page which needs to be embedded within your iframe element. It takes value of type string and is optional.
Sample code using src
-- ftd.iframe:
src: https://www.example.com

srcdoc: optional body

This attribute specifies any html content which needs to be included within your iframe element.
Sample code using srcdoc
-- ftd.iframe:
border-width.px: 4
border-color: $red-yellow
padding.px: 20

<p style='color: coral;'>This text is coral.</p>

youtube: optional string

This attribute will embed any youtube video in your iframe element. It takes value of type string and is optional.
Sample code using youtube
-- ftd.iframe:
youtube: 10MHfy3b3c8

loading: optional ftd.loading

This attribute specifies how the content inside iframe needs to be loaded. It takes value of type ftd.loading and is optional.
Sample code using loading
-- ftd.iframe:
youtube: 10MHfy3b3c8
loading: lazy

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