Import the packages

We import the packages at the start of the .ftd file and there should be no space between two imports.

Benefits of importing packages/documents at the top of code

It makes it easier for other programmers to understand the dependencies and requirements of the code. When all the necessary modules and libraries are clearly listed at the beginning of the code, it allows other developers to quickly see what external resources are needed to run the code.

In addition, having all the imports at the top of the code also helps prevent naming conflicts between modules or libraries. If import statements were scattered throughout the code, it could be difficult to determine which import statement introduced a particular function or class, which could lead to confusion or errors.

Overall, adding import statements at the top of a code document is a common convention that helps improve the clarity, organization, and maintainability of the code.
-- import: <package-1>
-- import: <package-2>
-- import: <package-n>

-- title

page content goes here

-- end:

Advantages of exporting components over wrapping them

using-export: Using export feature for wrapper component definitions

When we create component definitions which only refer to different component defined in another package. In such cases, where the component definition is just a wrapper definition of a component defined in another package, then using export feature while importing that package is recommended.

It reduces line of codes and readability.

Sample Scenario:

For documentations we use doc-site package. In this package we refer the components like markdown, h0, h1, h2 and h3 from another package called typography package. One way is to create components in the doc-site and refer to these components in typography package.
Not recommended
-- import: as tf

;; code goes here

-- component markdown:
caption or body body:

-- tf.markdown:


-- end: markdown

-- component h1:
caption title:
optional body body:
optional string id:

-- tf.h1: $h1.title
id: $


-- end: h1
-- import: as tf
export: markdown, h1

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