Build your next landing page, blog, or webapp
Easy to learn
full-stack framework designed for creating good looking content centric or API and database driven websites.
Build anything, faster.
fastn language is designed for building user interfaces and content centric websites.
1. Everything in one place
With fastn you can design your website, create the frontend, integrate with backend, write content, and deploy your websites.
This website is made using fastn!
2. Easy to learn
fastn language is easy to learn, especially for non programmers, but does not compromise on what you can build with it.
-- chat-female-avatar: Hello World! πŸ˜€

-- chat-female-avatar:

you can also write multiline messages easily!

no quotes. and **markdown** is *supported*.
Hello World! πŸ˜€

you can also write multiline messages easily!

no quotes. and markdown is supported.
Create your design system
fastn comes with opinionated design system which can instantly switch up your website’s appearance with one line of code.
Colors and Typography
fastn has well defined structure to define color schema and typography. This can change your website look and feel just with one line. You can create your own scheme or use them from library provided by fastn.
Check out the full library ->
Figma Token With fastn Color Scheme
You can use figma token with fastn color scheme. You also can create your own fastn color scheme from figma json.
Using figma token guides ->
Write your entire web app using fastn language
fastn provides an easy-to-learn programming language and framework. Use one language for your entire app.
Built-in UI Components
fastn comes with a library of ready to use UI components. These components are fully customizable. Change the property values of the component to match your project.
Check out the full library ->
Custom Components
Create your own components in a few lines of code. Use them in rest of your app package or in totally different package.
Create component guide ->
fastn for building dynamic websites
fastn can be used for building dynamic websites as well. With features already built and planned fastn aspires to be a full stack framework.
Existing Backend Integration

Interact with backend APIs and create dynamic web pages using fastn. Check out our http processor for more details

Plus, with endpoint definitions support, communicate with APIs without cross-origin policy concerns.
Endpoint guide ->
Dynamic URLs
Create beautiful, custom URLs independent of file organization, or serve documents based on specific URL patterns.
Dynamic URLs guide ->
HTTP Request Data
Extract and use request data like URL, query parameter etc in your web pages, APIs or queries.
Request Data Processor ->
SQLite Data
Query data from sqlite database to generate dynamic websites.
Package query processor ->
Reading JSON
Read data in JSON files and create data visualisation websites.
Reading JSON ->
Upcoming WASM Support
We are working on wasm support so developers can extend fastn’s standard libraries and offer access to more backend functionalities.
Deploy your app in seconds.
Simplify the process of deploying your app with fastn. fastn can be deployed in two main modes, static and dynamic.
Static Mode
fastn websites can be compiled into static html, js, css etc, and can be deployed on any static hosting providers eg Github Pages, Vercel etc.
Dynamic Mode
Deploy fastn in Dynamic Mode to create a fully featured web application with authentication, data collection, and real-time updates. fastn binary can run on Linux, Windows and Mac.
fastn binary ->
Get Started with fastn
Install fastn with a Single Command
curl -fsSL | bash
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