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Install `fastn`

`fastn` is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
Our Recommendation
If you are using Windows, we recommend you to install `fastn` through fastn installer which can be found under the [releases](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn/releases/) section of the official [fastn](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn) github repository. This is the preferred method as it only requires downloading the setup and installing it on your local system. If you are using Mac/Linux, we recommend you to install `fastn` using the installer script by running the below mentioned command in your terminal.
Installer Script
source <(curl -fsSL https://fastn.com/install.sh)
`fastn` is written using `rust` language, if you are familiar with it and want to use `fastn` for your project or for experimentation, you can do it by building the `source`. Based on your machine and your choice of installation, you can select one of the following options:

For Windows

1. [`fastn` using `installer`](windows/#fastn-using-installer) (Recommended) 2. [`fastn` through `pre-built binary`](windows/#fastn-through-pre-built-binary) 3. [`fastn` from `source`](windows/#fastn-from-source)

For MacOS/Linux

1. [`fastn` through `pre-built binary`](macos/#fastn-through-pre-built-binary) (Recommended) 2. [`fastn` from `source`](macos/#fastn-from-source)