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The Intimidation of Programming
Nandhini Devi
posted on:
July 28, 2023
With every passing day, new innovations and breakthroughs are changing the way we interact with the world. Behind these cutting-edge technologies lies the world of `programming languages`, the building blocks that bring these innovations to life. However, for many, the prospect of delving into programming can be quite `scary`.

Navigating the Complex Maze of Programming

One of the first challenges faced is deciphering the `complex syntax`. The rules and structures leave beginners feeling lost and overwhelmed. Beyond the individual components of code lies the challenge of understanding its overall structure. How do these lines of syntax come together to create functional programs? > **How can one balance logic and presentation to build a website successfully?** Adding to the confusion is the `abundance of technology options`, frameworks, and tools, each with its specific purpose. For instance, JavaScript serves one purpose, HTML another, and CSS an entirely different one. Each language is the brainchild of different creators with varying goals. It is up to the learner to figure out the right mix of languages for their projects. And as you delve deeper, you encounter the `divergent ecosystem`. For instance, the JS world, with its varying approaches and tools, further compounds the complexity. JavaScript is not easy to learn, nor is it easy to use for authoring web content. From HTML-based solutions like HTMX to the JSX approach, where HTML is sparingly written, the diversity can leave beginners unsure of where to start or which path to follow. > **The time and effort required to gain proficiency becomes never ending.**

The Illusion of Alternatives

Non-programmers might explore CMS or website builders, assuming they are a viable alternative. Yet, SAAS-based solutions can confine users to the limitations set by the service, restricting their creative freedom. The fear of relying on third-party providers looms large; what if they cease operations or impose undesirable changes? In contrast, a Programme-based solution offers `long-term viability` and `independence`. Skilled developers can maintain and evolve the solution over time, minimizing the impact of potential service interruptions.

Seeking a Simpler Solution

In a world where programming might seem intentionally difficult, especially to those unfamiliar with it, we question the necessity for such complexity. Shouldn't we have a simpler solution — a tool accessible to all, akin to using Excel? A solution that is stable and easy-to-learn within a few hours. This question inspired the creation of [**`fastn`**](https://fastn.com/) — a solution that aims to eliminate the intimidation associated with programming. At `fastn`, we simplify programming, making it accessible to everyone. `fastn` achieves this by offering a `domain-specific language` optimized for authoring web content. Its `user-friendly interface and minimal syntax` allow even those with no prior programming experience to grasp its functionalities swiftly. Take the below example for instance,


-- chat-female-avatar: Hello World! 😀

-- chat-female-avatar:

I'm Nandhini, the writer behind this blog.

-- chat-female-avatar:

Fun fact: I also built this entire page with fastn! 🚀
It's that easy!


Hello World! 😀
I'm Nandhini, the writer behind this blog.
Fun fact: I also built this entire page with fastn! 🚀 It's that easy!
As we continue our journey, fastn is also creating a lot of [`learning material`](https://fastn.com/expander/) for people to start using it. Additionally, [`our design community portal`](https://fastn.com/featured/) serves as a hub for designers and frontend developers to submit their fastn packages for end users to discover and use. Learn more about [`fastn`](https://fastn.com/home/) here.