Install fastn on Mac/Linux

For MacOS/Linux machine, there are three ways to install fastn.
  1. fastn through pre-built binary (Recommended)
  2. fastn using cargo
  3. fastn from source
Our Recommendation

We recommend you to install fastn through pre-built binary.

This is the preferred method as it only requires downloading the binary and installing it on your local system.

fastn is written using rust language, if you are familiar with it and want to use fastn for your project or for experimentation, you can do it with other two options, i.e, by installing it using cargo or by building the source.

Based on your choice of installation, you can select one of the following options:

fastn through pre-built binary

For MacOS, we have an installer script. You just need to follow the video or follow the steps given below.

First Step: Copy the Installer Script

Copy the following command:
Installer Script
sudo bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Second Step: Open the Terminal

You can find Terminal on the Dock or you can search for Terminal using Spotlight Search. Shortcut to open Spotlight Search, press cmd + spacebar buttons, on your keyboard.

Third Step: Run the Installer Script

Paste the command and hit enter. When prompted, enter your System Password that you use to open your machine and enter.

Once the script runs 100%, installation of fastn is complete.

To verify, open terminal and execute the command, fastn.
If you see the Help text of the fastn command, it confirms that FASTN is successfully installed.

New to the concept of terminal and want to read about it?

Checkout the Terminal documentation.

fastn using cargo

If you have cargo installed in your system, you can run the following command to install fastn.

For more details on how to install cargo is given here.
cargo install fastn

fastn from source

fastn is open source project. You can clone the fastn github repository:
git clone
fastn is implemented using Rust, using 2021 edition, so minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) is 1.65.0.
cd fastn
cargo test
cargo build

Linux Dependencies

When building from source you will have to install SSL and SQLite dev packages:
sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev

Once you have installed the fastn you can start using FTD.

Happy building.

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