How to modify color scheme?

What if you come across a color scheme package and you like it well, but you want to twitch a little bit and make it compatible to your taste and requirement? How can we achieve this?

Let’s understand how this can be done.

For example sake let’s say you like forest-cs color scheme, but for background step-2, you want to change it to brown and saddlebrown color for dark and light mode respectively.

Step 1: Fork the forest-cs package

You can fork this package by visiting forest-cs package repository and then click on Fork.

This will redirect you to Create a fork. Then finish creating the fork.

If you need to understand how to fork a repo, visit fork a repo page.

Step 2: Modify the color

Now, go to index.ftd module and update the background.step-2 color.

That is, modify the existing color values of the step-2- variable by incorporating the new brown colors:
Modifying step-2
-- ftd.color step-2-:
light: saddlebrown
dark: brown

Now use this modified color scheme in any of your fastn package by referring to the main variable. For more detail, visit how to use the color scheme package page.

And voila! Your custom color scheme is ready.

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