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Planning Overview

We are using fastn.com for planning fastn related official course. You will find the scripts etc here.

Upcoming Videos

- Video series on doc-site - [markdown primer](/markdown/) [[🗎Planning]](/markdown/-/planning/) - [understanding sitemap](/understanding-sitemap/) [[🗎Planning]](/understanding-sitemap/-/planning/) - Introduction - [SEO](/seo-meta/) [[🗎Planning]](/seo/-/planning/) - [Publish a package](https://fastn-community.github.io/doc-site/getting-started/) - [Using page component](/ds-page/) [[🗎Planning]](/ds-page/-/planning/) - changing color-scheme [[🗎Planning]](/color-scheme/-/planning/) - [changing typography](/typography/) [[🗎Planning]](/typography/-/planning/) - Add favicon - adding assets - adding an image - embedding youtube and iframe - adding code-block - adding right-sidebar - adding footer - How to add color (in text, border, background) - create color record type variable - light and dark mode - How to create dark mode switcher - How to create color-scheme - How to customize fonts (or add font-style) - create responsive-type variable (font) - Understanding caption (this is not a video title) - Understanding body (this is not a video title) - How to pass components to a container component - Understanding of ftd.ui and children


- R stands for Ready for the Videos - D stands for Development required - P stands for Preparation needed


- R: why fastn (5 videos) - R: what is a fastn package? - dependencies, auto import, sitemap, dynamic-urls, redirects, 404 - R: fastn document, variables, etc - ✅ R: [creating a component](/expander/components/) (basics) - R: understanding colors - R: understanding fonts - R: github pages (templates, publishing, domain mapping? etc) - ✅ R: [installing fastn](/install/) - R: using `key-value` pair to show-hide content in a single doc - R: why we always use .px, what else can we do?

Design A Fastn Compatible Site

- R: what is a fastn package? - P: creating a font - R: creating a color scheme - ✅ R: [importing colors to figma](/figma/) - ✅ R: [exporting colors from figma](/figma-to-fastn-cs/) - D: importing typography to figma - D: exporting types from figma - R: rapid prototyping using fastn

Frontend - Delivering Client Project

- R: sales: - easy to author without cms - easy to change color and typography in one line - easy to change entire site design using out module system - R: clean code checklist and guidelines - R: proper data modelling - Common UI: - R: expand collapse tree - R: dialog - R: form - R: tabs - R: dropdown - ✅ R: [button](/button-using-fastn/) [[🗎Planning]](https://fastn.com/planning) - R: post card - R: creating various page layouts - ✅ R: [holy-grail](/holy-grail/) [[🗎Planning]](/holy-grail/-/planning/) - ✅ R: [event handling](/expander/events/) (basic) - R: creating docs pages - D: using module system to create interchangable packages - D: translation crosslinks - ✅ R: [rive](/rive/) [[🗎Planning]](/planning/rive/) - R: embedding youtube or iframes - R: add images in documents - R: mobile responsive site - R: using css for things fastn is lacking - R: integration with JS - R: How to use icon libraries like `react-icons` or `font-awesome` or any external icon library in fastn
- Getting Started: /expander/hello-world/
- Install `fastn`: /install/-/expander/
document: author/how-to/install.ftd
- On Windows: /windows/-/expander/
document: author/setup/windows.ftd
- On MacOS/Linux: /macos/-/expander/
document: author/setup/macos.ftd
- Publish Your First Website: /expander/publish/
- Creating A Component: /expander/
- Part 2. Basic UI: /expander/basic-ui/
- Part 3. Components: /expander/components/
- Part 4. Event Handling: /expander/events/
- Part 6. Polishing UI: /expander/polish/

Basic Backend Features

- R: api powered pages - R: sqlite, why and how - D: page view counter, likes, comments - D: subscription, walling content (only subscribers can see)


- R: changing color scheme, typography of your site - R: deploying on vercel, github, .. - R: deploying on heroku, digital ocean - D: using supabase powered fastn packages - R: 404 pages - R: favicon - R: seo optimisation - R: redirects and short urls


- basic site - forms - subscription - docs (reviews, like, comment) - classroom

Wasm Backends

- rust to wasm - wasm routes - wasm auth - wasm processors and functions

Author Portal

- hostn - cr - translation - versioning