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Rive Video Planning

Video Title: Why And How You Should Use Rive Videos In Your Fastn Site

Owner: Arpita

Audience: Website Creator

Goal: Convince them to use Rive for his next website (and show off that fastn supports it, it is easy etc)

Assumption: Don't know about Rive

Intro To Website creator Series

Hello and welcome to fastn videos series. fastn helps you build websites fast.

Intro Clip

Screen: Slide 2 on screen

Today we are going to talk about how we can use animations to make your website more interesting.

Rive Screen


Rive website in browser. Hover over the main button and the cta button in the header.


Consider this website, they have added these animations, wouldn't you want something like this for your website?

Interactive Animation

Screen: https://rive.app/community/405-6776-rating-animation/


Why Rive? Why can't we just use Gifs? The answer is interaction! Rive can be used to create interactive animations!

So what is Rive?

Rive - The Modern Day Flash

Screen: https://rive.app/runtimes

Rive can be considered modern day Flash. But much better. It is already supported by all the browsers out there, no need to install any plugins. Further it is open source, so you can do a lot with Rive. And finally Rive works on native mobile apps as well, so if you have both a site and native app, the same animation works everywhere.

Rive Is Animation Editor

Screen: https://rive.app/editor


Rive is design tool, you can use Rive's application to build any kind of animation easily. Rive follows a Figma like model so designers who are using any modern design tools will be very comfortable in Rive.

Rive Community

Screen: https://rive.app/community/


The best thing about Rive is the Rive community, a huge collection of ready made component available that you can use today, for free, without even learning to use any tool.

As you see many of these animations are creative commons licensed. Or you can contact the animator, and ask them to customise the animation for your need.

Rive and fastn

Screen: https://fastn.com/rive/

Rive can with fastn with easy! You add a few lines of code and animation is working!

You will have to add the riv file to your fasnt package, and we take care of the rest.

Interactive Animations

Screen: https://fastn.com/rive/#functions

We can easily make animations respond to events.

Tip: Do It In Moderation

Don't over-do it. Show some example of over-doing it.


There you go, go ahead and use Rive to make your website awesome. If you have built something, or want to see what others are building, checkout our "show-and-tell" channel on Discord.


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