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`fastn` might prove you wrong in the best possible way
Nandhini Devi
posted on:
August 03, 2023
Sometimes, the best surprises come when we let go of our preconceived notions. It's easy to believe that programming is hard and to some extent, that perception is not entirely wrong. But imagine if creating your website is as simple as typing a few lines of text. Just like our [`business card`](https://fastn-community.github.io/business-card/how-to-use/) Every line you write translates into a meaningful piece of your creation. It feels a lot like writing in English, but with a simple markup. Within minutes, you'll have a website with a personalized card, made with the power of programming. Now, you might wonder, what if you've never coded before? What if you're unfamiliar with the technicalities? These concerns are not uncommon. Navigating a new programming language can raise doubts. The fear of dedicating time and effort to something that seems out of your grasp is a feeling many can relate to. We understand your hesitation. That’s why we are building [`fastn`](https://fastn.com/) for people like you - for those who've never encountered a line of code before, for those who fear programming, and for those looking for a more straightforward way to start. Syntaxes and techincal jargon won't confound you here; you only need the willingness to try something new.

Meet Mayur and Tushar

Over 700 students and budding programmers recently joined us at the fastn Roadshow, where they built their first fastn-powered websites within a few hours of learning about fastn. `Mayur Kawale` is one of them. You can check out his recent work [`here`](https://mefisto04.github.io/fastn_portfoliomk/)
`Tushar` is another recent fastn enthusiast. He created a [`website`](https://tusharpamnani.github.io/fastn-site2/) and [`newsletter sign-up page`](https://tusharpamnani.github.io/fastn-newsletter/), using fastn.
These stories are just the beginning. Check out our [`Discord`](https://discord.com/invite/xs4FM8UZB5) #share-your-work thread for similar tales of accomplishments. You can also see more inspiring stories on LinkedIn and Twitter under the hashtags [`#fastn`](https://twitter.com/search?q=%23fastn&src=typed_query) and [`#fastnroadshow.`](https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/content/?keywords=%23fastnroadshow&origin=GLOBAL_SEARCH_HEADER&sid=s.4) So the next time you think coding is not for you, take the plunge and [`try fastn.`](https://fastn-community.github.io/business-card/) It might prove you wrong—in the best possible way!