ftd.rive - Rive Animations

ftd.rive is a kernel component used to render Rive animation in a fastn document.
Hello Rive!
-- import: fastn.com/assets

-- ftd.rive:
id: panda
background.solid: #aaa
src: $assets.files.rive.panda.riv
width.fixed.px: 400
ftd.rive accepts all the common attributes, and the ones listed below.


Type: Required string

The unique id used to identify this rive object. This id is used in communication with the Rive state machine.


Type: Required string

This is URL of riv file to load. It is recommended you store the riv file as part of your fastn package and use the auto generated assets module to refer to them.


Type: string list

It accepts the name or list of names of Rive state machines to load.


Type: boolean default: true

If set true, the animation will automatically start playing when loaded.


Type: optional string

It accepts the name of the rive artboard to use.

Rive functions

fastn language has various rive related built-in functions. These functions help to interact with rive on various events.
Sample code
-- ftd.rive:
id: fastn
src: $fastn-assets.files.assets.fastn.riv
width.fixed.px: 440
state-machine: Together
$on-mouse-enter$: $ftd.set-rive-boolean(rive = fastn, input = play, value = true)
$on-mouse-leave$: $ftd.set-rive-boolean(rive = fastn, input = play, value = false)

Rive Events

fastn language has various rive related events. These events can be attached to rive component. They fire the callback when any event occurs in rive component.

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