Same argument and attribute types

It refers to the concept of ensuring that the input data being passed into a particular component or function is of the same data type as specified by the attribute or parameter of that component.

When developing ftd components, it is crucial to utilize appropriate datatypes for each argument. For instance, if an argument is intended to accept a width value, it is advisable to use a datatype specifically designed to handle width values. This approach ensures that the component is more versatile and can be utilized in various contexts.
consistent-data-types: Use consistent datatypes for arguments and their corresponding attributes
Not recommended
-- component bar:
integer text-width:

-- ftd.text: Hello
width.fixed.px: $bar.text-width

-- end: bar
-- component bar:
ftd.resizing text-width:

-- ftd.text: Hello
width: $bar.text-width

-- end: bar
If you see the not recommened section, the component bar accepts the argument text-width as integer and then it passes it to one of the variant, in this case px, of ftd.resizing type. This narrows down all the other possible values that can be accepted by width.

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