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Use color scheme package

How to use color scheme package?

The importance of color in a website's overall look and feel is well known. The right color scheme can evoke emotions, create visual interest, and direct a user's attention to specific elements on a page. That's why the fastn color scheme framework provides an easy and powerful way to define color schemes and apply them to your website.

To start, you can choose from existing color scheme packages or create your own custom color scheme. To apply a color scheme package on top of your package, you'll need to import it into one of the module.

For example, let's say you're using the page component from doc-site package and want to apply the forest-cs color scheme package on top of it. You first create a new module, let's say my-ds.ftd. Then you import forest-cs package module and then create a new component called page there.

Here's what your my-ds.ftd module would look like:
-- import: fastn-community.github.io/forest-cs
-- import: fastn-community.github.io/doc-site as ds

-- component page:
children wrapper:
optional caption title:
optional body body:

-- ds.page:
title: $page.title
body: $page.body
wrapper: $page.wrapper
colors: $forest-cs.main

-- end: page

After creating my-ds.page component, use this in rest of the module of your package instead of ds.page.

Once you have imported the color scheme package and created a new component my-ds.page, you can use it throughout your website instead of the ds.page component.

With just a few lines of code, you can dramatically change the look and feel of your website using the fastn color scheme framework.