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Publishing Static Site On Vercel

Vercel is an incredibly easy to use tool which helps you build and ship your websites with an easy to use interface.
You Lose Many Dynamic Features In Static Modes
fastn comes with a lot of dynamic features, which are only available when you are using fastn server for hosting.

Deploying existing fastn projects to Vercel

  • Add vercel.json to the root of your project (right where your FASTN.ftd lives) with the following contents:
    "framework": null,
    "buildCommand": "fastn build --base=/",
    "outputDirectory": ".build",
    "installCommand": "curl -fsSL https://fastn.com/install.sh | sh"

Creating a new fastn project and deploy it on Vercel

We recommend using our template repository fastn-template to create a new fastn project.

  • Creating your own repository
Open the fastn-template repository in your browser and click on the Use this template button
Step I: Use the template repository to initialize your repository
  • Follow the instruction to create a new Github repository from this template.

  • Wait for the Github Action to finish running. This Action renames package name in FASTN.ftd to match with your repository name and your Github username.

  • We'll be opting for a different deployment method instead of using GitHub Pages. Feel free to delete the .github folder to eliminate these GitHub Actions from your repository.

  • Now create a new Vercel deployment by importing this repository.

If you have created a fastn project from scratch using fastn create-package <your-package-name>. Follow the instructions above to add a vercel.json file.