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Install `fastn` on Windows

For Windows machine, there are three ways to install `fastn`. 1. [`fastn` using `installer`](windows/#fastn-using-installer) (Recommended) 2. [`fastn` through `pre-built binary`](windows/#fastn-through-pre-built-binary) 4. [`fastn` from `source`](windows/#fastn-from-source)
Our Recommendation
On Windows, we recommend you to install `fastn` through fastn installer which can be found under the [releases](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn/releases/) section of the official [fastn](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn) github repository. This is the preferred method as it only requires downloading the setup and installing it on your local system.
`fastn` is written using `rust` language, if you are familiar with it and want to use `fastn` for your project or for experimentation, you can do it by building the `source`. Based on your machine and your choice of installation, you can select one of the following options:

`fastn` using `installer`

- Download the setup named `fastn_setup.exe` from the [Releases](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn/releases) page - Run the setup and follow the installation steps - Once the setup is complete, you will have `fastn` installed in your system To verify, open command prompt and execute the command, `fastn`
If you see the Help text of the fastn command, it confirms that `fastn` is successfully installed.

`fastn` through `pre-built binary`

- Download the executable from the [Releases](https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn/releases) page - Click on latest release - Get the latest executable file for windows in the releases page, under Assets - Once downloaded, select `Keep` option and ignore the warning - Create a folder named `FASTN` (UpperCase) in your C drive - Paste the downloaded executable and rename it as `fastn` (not `fastn.exe`) - Go to Settings and search Environment Variable - In the System Settings box, click Environment Variable - Double click on Path - Click on New button - Set a Path for FASTN in your machine's Environment Variable
New Path
- Click `OK` to close all pop-ups.
Installation of `fastn` is complete. To verify, open a fresh command prompt window and execute the command, `fastn`
If you see the Help text of the fastn command, it confirms that `fastn` is successfully installed.

Common errors to avoid

- While renaming the file name make sure to write `fastn` and not `fastn.exe` - Check that your machine has the latest version of `fastn` - Make sure to start a fresh session of command prompt, to verify the installation
New to the concept of `command prompt` and want to read about it? Checkout the [Command Prompt documentation](https://fastn.com/open-terminal/).

`fastn` from `source`

`fastn` is open source project. You can clone the `fastn` github repository:
git clone https://github.com/fastn-stack/fastn.git
`fastn` is implemented using Rust, using 2021 edition, so minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) is 1.65.0.
cd fastn
cargo test
cargo build
Once you have installed the `fastn` you can start using FTD. Happy building.