7th April, 2023

So we, at FifthTry, are Silver sponsors of WittyHacks 2023. Super excited, first hackathon where people are using fastn to build websites and webapps!

Notes For The Participants

Hello! First of all let me thank you for considering fastn for your next web project. This is a new language, and documentation etc are sparse, but we are here to help!

Why should you consider fastn?

We believe fastn, or maybe something like fastn is the future of programming. Learning to program is hard for people, and we have designed fastn to be easy to learn. So much so that if you know markdown you already kind of know fastn. Further, no “web content native” language exists today for authoring content for web. Markdown is there, but it is quite limited. mdx is putting HTML back in markdown, when markdown was created with explicit position that basically writing HTML sucks.

Currently fastn is good for authoring static website, you can create component libraries or use the ones we have already created like doc-site or bling. The component libraries you create can be open sourced and added to featured so people who can not create their own UI component can use yours to create their websites.

fastn has also rudimentary support for writing backend stuff, so you can start packaging some dynamic websites and web components also.

How to Learn fastn?

The quickest way is to follow the short video course we have created: expander, it takes you through the basics.

Then checkout the fontend and backend sections of our documentation.

We are here to help!

Team from FifthTry, people who have created fastn, would be available to help you answer any questions etc on #fastn-fifthtry channel on wittyhacks Discord, and on #fastn channel on fastn-stack’s Discord Server.

Further we would be doing office hours at 11AM and a few more times on Saturday, so you can get on a quick call with fastn developers and FifthTry founder to get your questions answered.


Sample Entry

This entry is by the people of kick ass sample team. We used fastn for so and so.

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