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Amit Upadhayay
posted on:
April 07, 2023
So we, at FifthTry, are Silver sponsors of [WittyHacks 2023](https://wittyhacks.in). Super excited, first hackathon where people are using `fastn` to build websites and webapps!

Notes For The Participants

Hello! First of all let me thank you for considering `fastn` for your next web project. This is a new language, and documentation etc are sparse, but we are here to help!

Why should you consider `fastn`?

We believe `fastn`, or maybe something like `fastn` is the future of programming. Learning to program is hard for people, and we have designed `fastn` to be easy to learn. So much so that if you know `markdown` you already kind of know `fastn`. Further, no "web content native" language exists today for authoring content for web. Markdown is there, but it is quite limited. `mdx` is putting HTML back in `markdown`, when `markdown` was created with explicit position that basically writing HTML sucks. Currently `fastn` is good for authoring static website, you can create component libraries or use the ones we have already created like [doc-site](https://fifthtry.github.io/doc-site/) or [bling](https://fastn-community.github.io/bling/). The component libraries you create can be open sourced and added to [featured](/featured/) so people who can not create their own UI component can use yours to create their websites. `fastn` has also rudimentary support for writing [backend stuff](/backend/), so you can start packaging some dynamic websites and web components also.

How to Learn `fastn`?

The quickest way is to follow the [short video course we have created: expander](https://fastn.com/expander/), it takes you through the basics. Then checkout the [fontend](/frontend/) and [backend](/backend/) sections of our documentation.

We are here to help!

Team from FifthTry, people who have created `fastn`, would be available to help you answer any questions etc on [#fastn-fifthtry](https://discord.gg/8sBw9DhewP) channel on `wittyhacks` Discord, and on [#fastn](https://discord.gg/a7eBUeutWD) channel on `fastn-stack`'s Discord Server. Further we would be doing office hours at 11AM and a few more times on Saturday, so you can get on a quick call with `fastn` developers and FifthTry founder to get your questions answered.


Sample Entry

This entry is by the people of kick ass sample team. We used `fastn` for so and so.