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A Content Writer’s Journey with fastn
Nandhini Devi
posted on:
August 10, 2023
The thought of programming usually remains miles away from a writer's realm. After all, why would a writer delve into lines of code when words are our forte? But imagine a world where the two realms converge. A corner where I, as a content writer, can seamlessly wield both skills. This newfound ability has not only transformed my approach to work but has also sparked a journey that is reshaping my creative landscape.

A Personal Journey

This story began on a regular Wednesday evening. I had my freshly crafted blog content nestled within my Notion workspace. The task at hand: to take this content and bring it to life on fastn.com. Skepticism lingered – could I truly navigate the technical intricacies? Would the process consume an exorbitant amount of time, clashing with my existing to-dos? Enter [`Ajit`](https://www.fifthtry.com/team) (Devrel) from the fastn Team. He provided me with a concise list of links, including installing fastn, GitHub, and a Texteditor (Sublime). In about 30 to 40 minutes, I transitioned from decoding these tools to completing the tasks he had outlined. That was the heavy lifting of the two-day journey. The next day, a few quick calls with Ajit along with some videos he had already created accelerated the learning curve. The process took shape, converting the content from Notion into fastn language. By 12:40 on Friday, I had created my first GitHub pull request, marking a significant accomplishment. Later that day, I eagerly added a new component to my blog post – an opportunity I didn't have with Notion. After witnessing my work live on fastn.com, I knew those two days were well-invested. And as I stood on the threshold of [`my debut fastn page`](https://fastn.com/blog/intimidation-of-programming/), little did I know that a transformation was awaiting…

The Synergy Between Writing and Programming

How often have we, as content writers, wished for something that allowed us to build our creations exactly as we envisioned? fastn bridged that gap, bringing together two seemingly distinct skills working together - harmonizing content creation and execution. Next time I have an idea to publish, I no longer have to pass it off to the tech team, hoping they'll interpret my vision correctly.

Complete Control from my Writing Desk to the Live Webpage

As content writers, we're no strangers to the urge to perfect our work. We meticulously edit and tweak, aiming to enhance our creation until it resonates just right. Yet, the power to make those tweaks post-publication has traditionally eluded us. And often we are unable to modify a single line without triggering a chain reaction of developer involvement. fastn changed that. Now, I can make those last-minute changes to content, without relying on external help.
It's liberating to control the outcome as the creator. I can swiftly bring changes to life without delay or intermediaries.
Nandhini, Content Writer

The Unspoken Communication Struggle

Ever tried to convey your creative vision to another person and felt the words fall short? We've all been there. This video might trigger a familiar struggle.
fastn transforms this scenario. Instead of lengthy instructions, I turn my vision into reality directly. No more exhaustive explanations – just direct creation.

Why Fastn?

You might wonder – why not resort to platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Webflow? They are tried-and-true, but they come with a price tag. fastn eliminates the financial burden. It offers the power of creation without cost. But what I most love is how easy it is to learn. And unlike other platforms, fastn ensures a clean separation of content and presentation. This means you can tweak designs without compromising brand guidelines or involving developers.

Final Words

The ability to unite writing and programming within a single platform adds a new dimension. And while this transformation might not find its way onto my resume just yet, it was undoubtedly a skill worth exploring. In the gaps between my creations, I realize this newfound skill helps me craft beyond words. It's a productive diversion, a puzzle I solve during breaks, and a momentum-builder when my main task hits a roadblock. `fastn` is becoming an integral part of my creative toolbox, altering not just the way I work but the very essence of how I create. Thank you for reading!
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